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Fostering a Productive Dialogue on Race, Social Justice, and School Reform

In late January 2017, about two dozen education leaders gathered to discuss the intersection between race, social justice, and school reform at a roundtable hosted by the American Enterprise Institute and NewSchools Venture Fund, and inspired by the previously published forum on race, social justice, and school reform in Education Next. The diverse group included [...]

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Our Team in the News

  Our staff has been busy appearing in print, on the radio, and television in support of school choice. Jason Crye has commented on issues ranging from the lack of leadership in the Latino community when it comes to education reform, to the need for a more robust debate about school reform in rural parts [...]

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Let Latino families liberate their children from bad schools

It’s time for Latino leaders to trust their constituents and support their educational choices. In his 1968 book, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed," Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire wrote, “trusting the people is the indispensable precondition for revolutionary change. A real humanist can be identified more by his trust in the people, which engages him [...]

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School test score study in Wisconsin deserves attention

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) has done it again. A study released today that WILL is calling “the definitive look at school test scores in Milwaukee and Wisconsin,” provides an honest appraisal of Wisconsin schools. Here are a few things that jumped off the page: Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) specialty schools are [...]

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Latinos need leadership in education reform

Where’s the Latino leadership when it comes to education reform? Latinos themselves support education reform at higher levels than other groups, but their elected officials—whether Latino or not—often reject school choice. The leading Latino civil rights organizations follow suit. Last month, both the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and the League of United Latin [...]

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