Hispanics for School Choice meets with Governor Walker

MILWAUKEE – Hispanics for School Choice (HFSC) met with Governor Walker yesterday to discuss upsizing the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP). Milwaukee’s 20 year old program has had a positive impact on the Hispanic community ensuring a safer learning environment and improving graduation rates.

Zeus Rodriguez, President of Hispanics for School Choice, said “No other group in the country needs to improve their graduation rates more than Hispanics. It would be a shame to prevent a program, effective at retaining their students, from expanding to more families and graduating more children.”

Hispanics for School Choice and other school choice groups are calling on the State Legislature to remove MPCP’s income eligibility requirements. In a meeting with the Governor, Zeus Rodriguez made clear that the Latino community doesn’t want educational attainment confined to a poverty program.

Aaron Rodriguez of HFSC, said “There is no reason to cut out the middle class taxpayers. Experience with independent charters suggests that removing income eligibility requirements will not edge out low income families.”

Quite the contrary, allowing more parent participation in MPCP improves choice schools. Ivan Gamboa, of HFSC, told the Governor that expanding the program to middle income parents will have a positive effect on the quality of education offered by a choice school.

Governor Walker said he was “happy to meet with Hispanic leaders who recognize the potential of school choice for their communities and for all families.”

Those who attended the meeting from Hispanics for School Choice were Zeus Rodriguez (President), Ivan Gamboa (Treasurer), Aaron Rodriguez (Secretary), Jessie Rodriguez (Outreach Coordinator), Jose Delgado (Board Advisor).

Meet Pastor Don Rogers

Pastor Rogers is a new distinguished member of Hispanics for School Choice and we welcome his support! He is the Pastor of Pentecostals of Wisconsin and the President of Victory Christian Academy in the Southside of Milwaukee.

Pastor-Don-Rogers“I have Pastored as an ordained minister for 16 years and served in other various ministries for the past 30 years. My current ministry serves children and youth through Christian education.

Our organization promotes multiculturalism and excellence in character development for urban children. We focus on those who are disenfranchised and at risk.

We have a 73% sexual abstinence success rate with the children we work with. We also have a 82% marriage success rate with couples.

I have been married for 29 years and have five adult children and three grandchildren.

I have promoted family values by speaking at conferences and seminars in 15 states and 9 countries. Here in Wisconsin we hold sexual abstinence conferences, marriage seminars, youth music concerts, and outdoor community rallies to unite people of different races as vehicles for promoting family values.

I support the mission of Hispanics for School Choice and look forward to lending my assistance to their organization.

Madison Legislator Rejects New Reform Measures

Madison, WI – Senator Alberta Darling and Representative Robin Vos introduced a new educational reform bill to the State Legislature that would remove the caps on charter school and virtual school enrollment. The bill would also create a statewide charter school board authority that could authorize charter schools.

Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts, a Democrat whose district lies in Dane County, criticized the measure as “misguided” and “disingenuous” saying that the proposal would “affectively (sp) remove the ability of local school districts, accountable to local taxpayers, to decide how their district is run.” Zeus Rodriguez, President of Hispanics for School Choice (HFSC), said “HFSC supports proper accountability measures, but legislators need to focus on reform and parental rights, not politics and rhetoric that slow down progress.”

You can see both the Proposed Bill and Rep. Pope-Roberts comments by clicking the PDF Icons.

Sondy's Remarks

Sondy’s Remarks

Proposed Bill

Proposed Bill

If you have any questions concerning the new proposed Bill you can contact us @ 1-800-208-2301

Parents Gather To Learn More About Hispanics For School Choice

On Wednesday, February 16th, Hispanics for School Choice (HFSC) held a forum at La Fuente Restaurant for parents on the south-side of Milwaukee whose children attend Milwaukee-based Choice Schools.

The parents of students who attend Blessed Sacrament, St. Anthony’s, and St. Rafael’s were in attendance as Zeus Rodriguez gave his presentation.

The effort of HFSC is predicated upon the power of parental choice in transforming the lives of our children. Among the inaugural goals of HFSC are providing parents in the Latino community with a sound understanding of the voucher program and using HFSC as a resource to make their collective voice resonate with legislative leaders.

You can see our new Youtube Channel here.