The short history of Hispanics for School Choice


In 2009, our founding board members realized that Milwaukee’s Hispanic community was missing an incredible opportunity. While there were thousands of Hispanic families that were participating in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, many more were unaware that they had this option. Not only did many families not know that the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, the oldest and largest private school voucher program in the county, existed, those who did had little to no clue the constant attacks the program was facing in the legislature. They began to rally their peers, helping them understand the forces that were consistently trying to weaken the program, and how those in elected office needed grassroots support for the program to flourish.

This motivation and leadership was funneled into what we now know as Hispanics for School Choice (HFSC). HFSC was formed with the belief that education is the single most important, unifying issue among various Hispanic communities, as Hispanics overwhelmingly support educational choice in all it’s forms: district schools, private schools, charter schools, virtual schools, and home schooling. HFSC serves and supports Hispanic families through informing and advocating on education opportunities that break down barriers to success.

HFSC has worked to accomplish the mission through a grassroots effort of informing and organizing leaders in Hispanic communities and collaborating with similar organizations to achieve common goals. Additionally, HFSC works to form strong relationships with our elected representatives to ensure that the Hispanic voice becomes an equal partner in the conversation.

HFSC is not just an organization for those with Hispanic heritage, but is open to working with anyone who would like to advocate for educational options on behalf of children and their families.